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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Tragic Happening

For the few men who are forced to use Caverject (penile injectable for erectile dysfunction) a tragedy has occurred. The once plentiful injection kits have been on back order for quite some time now. I have patients calling on a weekly basis, "When will my caverject come in?, Is it in yet?, Have you been given a release date?" Sadly for you we have no release date. We order and it does not come in. Yet somehow, I feel no sympathy, empathy, or other mama bird needing to smother you in her warm feathers feelings.

If the only bad thing in your life is the lack of a hard on then you have nothing to worry about. In 121 countries food prices have risen so high that a family of 3 has to go without breakfast and work at menial jobs under unsanitary and what we would consider inhumane conditions to afford something to eat when they get home. In our own country there are families who lose their homes to excruciatingly high property taxes and mortgage interest rates. Rapidly rising food and fuel costs are strangling the life out of the middle class with no end in sight.

Your limp weenie is not a problem. So deal with it.


Shalom said...

The 40mg refrigerated vials are still available, though.

Although I have to say, I hope I'm never so desperate that I'd consider sticking a needle in my johnson. Heck, if it ever comes to that, I'd rather be celibate...

Anonymous said...

No where in your post do you mention any of these men were bing rude, only that they were checking in weekly.

Why is that wrong? It is obviously a problem to them.

Maybe these other problems do not affect them, or maybe they do,did you ask?

Who can decide what is important in a family? Maybe intimacy between some of these men and their wives help some of them forget their other problems if just for those moments. Maybe problems that could even be worse that those you named.

And yes, I have been personally involved with someone who needed the injections to obtain an erection. When someone has been in that position, maybe it is easier to be a tad more sympathetic.

I love your BLOG - read it almost every day.

plain white laura said...

actually, their "limp weenie" is a big problem.
...if they're a male prostitute.
can't feed a family on erectile dysfunctin! clients won't pay the big money for that!
also a problem for our older government officials. no impressing the young interns with ED either! then they'd actually have to keep their pants UP and *gasp* get some WORK done on the taxpayers' time.
p.s. mr. anonymous, VERY subtle. i'm thinking you're one of these patients who is calling in over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog, found it via link from another blog.

I don't think you can dictate what is important and what isn't to someone.

Also, why does EVERYONE use that as a response to any person's problems "dying children in africa, under-developed countries..." etc, etc, etc... "so suck it up, your problem isn't improtant", that kind of tires me.

No, not everyone is as fortunate as those of us who live in North America.

But, because there are people suffering in other parts of the world, does that mean we should stop caring for ourselves? Give up our desires, luxuries, etc...? We can't help everyone, but we can help ourselves, so what is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Plain White Laura,

Had you actually read my comment you might not have seen fit to refer to me as MR anything.

You seem to be mighty angry at either someone in the business of prostitution or someone who works in Government, but why attempt to take your anger out on an anonymous commentor? Obviously the author of this BLOG had no problem with my comment.

And no I do not know the blogger so I am not one of the customers calling him asking about this medication. Lastly, I am completely puzzled as to how you got "subtle" out of my comment.

Unresolved anger sucks.

plain white laura said...

Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/Whatever Anonymous,

My post was not directed at you, except for the last part. I have no unresolved anger towards any prostitutes, nor do I know any. As for government, everyone is angry at their government for something or other. And there has been a considerable amount of scandal recently surrounding government officials. I never said you knew the blogger personally. I, too, have dealt with calls from these patients. I just have a hard time understanding why it's that big of a deal when I have patients who are struggling to afford medications that they need to live. It's not like caverject is gone forever. Perhaps couples just need to find a new way to be intimate without getting "intimate" for the time being. They will still live. I think these patients should be grateful that the lack of an erection is the biggest of their concerns, or so it seems to be when they call 50 times a week.

Anonymous said...

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Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Wow, the commentators turn on each other so quickly...like watching hyenas fight over a carcass on the Discovery Channel...

Lil Birdie said...

>>why does EVERYONE use that as a response to any person's problems "dying children in africa, under-developed countries ... that kind of tires me."
... [just] because there are people suffering in other parts of the world, does that mean we should stop caring for ourselves? Give up our desires, luxuries?

No, this is the land of opportunity and you are certainly free to pursue and purchase any luxury you desire; but you DO waive the right to COMPLAIN about your inability to purchase that luxury in what you consider a timely fashion.

I don't want to hear, "everyone's problems are relative." A limp dick is NOT as devastating as watching your child die of starvation or an easily preventable disease. It just ISN'T.

No matter what amount of bleeding heart sympathy you pour on the situation, going without sex for a few weeks can NEVER compare to the fear and anxiety which accompany a desperate search for food or clean water. In the grand scheme of things, a limp dick is no justification for a man bitching and moaning incessantly to anyone who will listen or berating a pharmacist whose hands are tied.

The pursuit of luxury is not the issue. It is the pathetic whining about it that really gets under the skin of people.

Inna said...

limp dicks get people talking... we had some guy call and cause a ruckus because he was out of refills on his zovirax "and he was on vacation with a new girlfriend and we had better find him some damn refills" hehe

Anonymous said...

Quite amazing comments... unfortunately, not based on facts.

So just to clarify the situation: ED sometimes occurs because of surgery (often, but not exclusively, related to prostate cancer). These people have had the scare of their life (cancer, remember?). If they come out cured of the cancer, they are told that if they do not use the injections for some time (a couple of months is often mentioned), they will lose their ability to achieve erection ever - not just for a few weeks or months. So no wonder it is important for such patients.