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Friday, April 11, 2008

Pregnancy Woes

As if carrying a baby for nine months wasn't bad enough with nausea, vomiting, bloating, sex being really awkward, having to pee all the time, weird food cravings, back pain, trying to get comfortable sleeping, then either squeezing it out of your vagina or being gutted like a fish to take it out (Cesarean), you see another story in the news where a man killed a pregnant woman and tried to hide the body. It simply disgusts me.

The highest death rate worldwide for pregnant women is homicide. Really, you say???? With all the complications and diseases out there in this great big wide world homicide still tops the list??? Yes, indeed.

We live in a very morbid world where killing someone carrying a baby is easier than getting an abortion. Now, I don't want to really dig deep into the pro-life versus pro-choice argument but I have a serious problem with homicide of a pretty much defenseless woman, depending how far along she is. The reason why it is so bad is because the douche-bags that kill them almost always file a missing persons report and act all concerned, go on TV and make a plea for their return because of the baby, etc. knowing that they already know the outcome and location of the body and have no remorse for the act of killing.

I can be cold, even cruel, at times but I would only kill someone out of self defense. I am sure in every case she did not "attack" the killer because almost all of these murders show no signs of struggle at the murder location (usually the place of residence) but the victim's body shows bruising, skin under the fingernails, cuts, etc. Their vehicle is dumped or the killer will tell authorities that "she went for a walk, went to the neighbors, took the dog for a walk" etc. I call shenanigans!

Instead of protesting and/or bombing abortion clinics we should let the pro-lifers stone these killers to death. It would be a fitting end to a douche-bag and let the pro-lifers work through a lot of anger and frustration. I do realize most pro-lifers are non-violent. This applies only to the radicals who use force to make a statement. Nothing I like better than an Easter Sunday rally at Planned Parenthood..."Put on your Sunday best kids, we're going to put out the good word to the bad folks and save some babies!"

But seriously, if you intend to get pregnant or accidentally get pregnant, have a private investigator check out the financial and mental stability of your man so you don't have to be paranoid that he might kill you. You have enough pregnancy fun ahead...

Answers to questions I am sure will pop up:
1. I am pro-choice.
2. I am not sure that "God" exists because there is no scientific proof.
3. I crack religious jokes because I was raised Roman Catholic but have other religions in my family such as Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, and Buddhism. I respect every one's beliefs but they sure do lend themselves to easy comedy.
4. I do not have any children nor have I ever been pregnant.
5. I will have a thorough background check on any man with balls enough to marry or have children with me.


Prima Donna said...

Best thing I ever did was run background checks while dating. My girlfriends told me I was being a bitchy paranoid - my now husband tells me that it was the smart thing to have done!

Mellee said...

You are so very right. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I see that on the news. Usually it's the hubby who kills her because he doesn't want a child. Sick, they rank up there with molesters!!!!

The Ole' Apothecary said...

Prima Donna, that's a superb idea. I should have run a CREDIT check on my ex-wife before we got married! Not everyone needs a pre-nuptial agreement, but I think everyone sure does need some pre-nuptial personal data from an impartial source.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that list explains WHY you are still single and so pissed off all the time.