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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shame On You

A H-U-G-E "shame on you" to the Whole Foods employee that told a lady she could make a special tea out of red clover and some specialty tree bark extract they had and shoot it into her vagina with a bulb syringe to shrink an ovarian cyst.

First of all, how dare you, with no formal medical training give her a "treatment" that amounts to nothing more than a wish, a dream, a skin irritant, and possibly a trip to the hospital because she has fibroids in her uterus that will probably get inflamed from hot pH balance destroying fluid you told her to put there.

You think McDonalds got sued big for hot coffee in the lap well you are staring down the barrel of a wreckless endangerment gun that will leave a larger hole on exit than the tea-scalded vagina you could have caused. I guarantee Whole Foods would feed you to the wolves because legally no herbal supplements sold in the U.S. may be sold or marketed as a treatment for any disease unless the drug application testing and procedures have been followed, filed, and approved by the FDA. Your "treatment" is nowhere in that realm.

Second of all, douche bags like you send hundreds of people to a real doctor by making something worse or creating a whole new problem with the "healthy, earthy" bullshit alternative. Alternative medicine is not real medicine.

I had a lady come in because one of the douche bags recommended a homeopathic cough syrup for her 4 year old. She comes to me two days later because he is coughing worse and she can't get any sleep. She said that she knows I would tell her that it wouldn't work because it is homeopathic. Duh, you are in the pharmacy looking for a real cough syrup.

The most wonderful way to prove that homeopathic tonics do not work is public drinking water. There are trace amounts of female hormones, Prozac, opiates, etc. in almost all U.S. tap water. I and millions of others drink it all the time. I am in an area profuse with old ladies on hormones, tons of people on anti-depressants, and illegal opiates, hallucinogens, uppers, downers, and designer candy everywhere the rich kids are (who am I kidding its not just the rich kids getting f*cked up all the time anymore). I am neither extremely happy and stable all the time nor am I tripping my rocks off from all the street candy in the water.

Suck on that douche bags and quit pretending to be medical messiahs so real medical professionals are not bothered with fixing and preventing the damage that you do with wishes and magic water.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why some people trust more their friend's or collegues's opinion on their problem than well-trained doctors and pharmacists.
I'm tired of pursuading patients to take Tenormin or something else to control their blood pressure.
They decided not to take the medicine because their stupid friend told him not to.

N.B. said...

Simple response: AMEN.

NY pharmacy intern said...

I always hate trying to counsel a customer and either have another telling them they don't need their medication but some herbal product or finding out that the new blood pressure med is because they're BP is still to high. Of course the BP is too high because they can't take the other med because their friend/family member/random stranger told them to stop and use this random diet or other medication.

The other thing that cracks me up is when I see someone telling someone they don't need their lipitor but should be taking red rice yeast instead becuase "it's a natural product, it can't hurt you because it's natural." I really want to smack people like that as that natural product has chemicals that turn to lovastatin in the body. I really want to smack every person I see dispensing medical advice while working in some whole foods store because they "know their herbs."