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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Condom Conundrum

Father time and his younger old lady came in for condoms. She asked the manager about sizing.

"How do we know it will fit?"

The question asked since the invention of the condom. It's too tight is the excuse many men will use to try and get out of wearing one. A regular sized latex condom can be stretched to fit over an adult cranium so it should pretty much fit any wiener. If he complains it is too tight or it cuts off sensation he is either putting it on improperly or just a huge fucking baby that deserves to be left to service himself.

Well ladies, unless his wiener looks like a baby's arm holding an apple any condom should fit. Although I must say that many a time I have sold Plan B to a girl who had sex with a guy who needed "magnums" and the condom slipped off during sex......guess he wasn't as big as he said he was.....so sorry lady. That must have been a HUGE disappointment, pun intended. If it is a beanie weenie then you might want finger cots (again, they look like tiny condoms and have been incorporated in many gag items through the years). Then again, if it is that small you might just want to skip the man and get a good vibrator.....

Back to our elderly couple. The manager told her that the regular condoms should fit and we all had a good laugh. It leaves me to wonder if a little blue pill and a broken hip was in the near future for one of them.....

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