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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pharm Libs

For this exercise you will be requested to give a list of words. If an ending is necessary or preferred it will be given. For example: past tense verb -ed. This means things such as burned, soaked, stitched, etc. The list of words will then be plugged in to a very very short story.

Yes, this is a rip off of ad libs but it is a fun stress reliever you can do with your entire staff. No patients were harmed in the writing of these stories. These stories may sound familiar but are in no way linked to an identifiable person or persons that you would know.

Now I know you will be tempted to read ahead but I guarantee it will be funnier if you make the word list first then plug them into the story in the order they were requested.


Story 1 Words

your favorite color
random body part
random relative (ie aunt, grandma, etc.)
present tense verb
random cleaning solution or implement
different present tense verb
different random cleaning solution or implement

Story 2 Words

random number
skin lesion (plural)
random body part
past tense verb
different past tense verb
present tense verb

Story 3 Words

past tense verb
noun (something edible or sort of edible)
random body part
random OTC product (does not necessarily have to be a medication)
present tense verb

Story 4 Words

random controlled rx product
past tense verb
different past tense verb
different noun
another different past tense verb
another different noun (preferably a place or location)

Story 5 Words

OTC medicine or "cure" (Did you read the Head-On chapstick blog?)
retail store name (ie Target, Costco, Rite-Aid, etc.)
present tense verb
random ailment or disease (Can you see where this is heading...?)

Story 6 Words

random ailment or disease
random body part
past tense verb -ing
different past tense verb -ing
different symptom
another different symptom
past tense verb -ed
different past tense verb -ed
random health provider or alternative to medicine provider (ie shaman)
noun (place or business)

Story 7 Words

past tense verb -ed
noun (anything goes for this one)
random body part
different adjective
another different adjective
yet another different adjective

*****At this point you should have your handy word list ready.
*****Put down ANY and ALL hot beverages before reading your story. I take no responsibility for technical or physical damage from this point on!

Story 1

I have a {color} rash on my {body part}. My {relative} told me to {verb} with {cleaner} but it got worse. Can I {verb} it with {cleaner}?

Story 2

I counted {number} {lesions} on my {body part} last night. I {verb -ed} and {verb -ed} all night long! I just could not {verb}. Help!

Story 3

I {verb -ed} a bowl of {noun}. Now my {body part} smells weird and burns. I tried taking {OTC} but it made me {verb}. What should I do?

Story 4

I need a refill on my {rx} because my {animal} {verb -ed} it down the {noun}. Oh, wait, that's not what happened. I {verb -ed} it in the {noun}. No, I {verb -ed} it at the {noun}. Can you fill it for me?

Story 5

I saw a commercial for {OTC}. It said {store} carries it but I could not find it on your shelf. Does it {verb} {ailment} like it says on TV?

Story 6

I think I have {ailment} in my {body part}. I was {verb -ing} and {verb -ing} all night. Last year I had {symptom}, {symptom} and {symptom} for a whole week. This time it {verb -ed} after I {verb -ed} a {noun}. Should I see a {healthcare provider} or just spend a day at the {place}?

Story 7

Paramedics brought a {gender} in to the ER. The doctors were {verb -ed}. How could a {noun} end up in a {body part}? The procedure for removal was {adjective} and {adjective}. When the patient woke he/she was {adjective}. That was a {adjective} situation!

Ha! Ha!


Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

My fave solutions so far have been

Story 6


Story 7

candy cane

Anonymous said...

That was so much more fun than the old "Mad-Libs" we used to do when we were kids. After 15 years of working in Pharmacies, you pretty much can insert anything and have it hold true!

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Some days I want to tell an impatient patient
to {verb} themself.