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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Late Night Out (I forgot about this til today)

Sunday morning

I am up front getting a soda and a newspaper. A guy walks in to get some gatorade. A girl walks in behind him and asks where the restroom is so I point her in the right directon.

She turned to go to the restroom and it is apparent that she already peed in the seat of her man's car. The entire back of her denim skirt is soaked.

I am afraid for her the evening did not end well. I wonder what his reaction was after he realized what had happened. If he did not know and the car sat out in the 100 degree plus heat the smell would be unbearable. If the seats were leather it might even bleach out their color.

A friendly reminder to everyone. If you are going home from the bar it is probably a good idea to use the restroom first. Just to be on the safe side....

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The Ole' Apothecary said...

Sounds like a piss-poor situation to me.

From what I read in the blogs, people have gotten a lot dirtier since 1993, the year I left retail. In my day, I would get an occasional B.O. fumigation, but exposure to frank excreta had not yet become commonplace.