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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Time Off

Sing the following to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies:

Come and listen to a story about Big 'N Tasty
Disgruntled pharmacist, sick of living by the sea.
Everything was great 'til the housing bubble blew,
And she was left with a house worth less than kittie poo.

Upside down that is, shit hole, money pit.

Well next thing you know old Tasty's out of there,
Kinfolk said "Tasty move away from there!"
Said "Back home is the place you ought to be!"
So movers loaded up the truck and she headed northerly.

Midwest that is, meth labs, missing teeth.

Well now it's time for Tasty to work retail again,
So she will have tons of stories to make you split a grin.
You're all invited back to peruse this blog locality,
To have a heapin' helpin' of her work hostility.

Sarcasm that is. Sit a spell, laugh your ass off!

Y'all come back now, y'hear?


Fries With That, tech said...

Girl I hear ya! I've exhausted all of my vacation for the year, but have set up my schedule to take 6 days in a row off next month. More than I can take right now!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Brilliant parody! We have to keep our sense of humor about these sorts of things.