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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oklahoma Pharmacy Robbery

Having been held up at gunpoint previously I can completely vouch for the initial adrenaline rush, terror, fight or flight desire, and utter shock after the event. If I had a weapon I guarantee there would be a dead robber or two but I work for a company that does not allow their employees to carry weapons of any kind. If anyone ever breaks into my home while I am there the perp will leave in a hearse because I am gonna make sure the f*cker never breaks into another home and terrorizes another living thing.

If you ever decide on the "thug life" and enter a home/business/etc with a weapon and the intent to rob/rape/murder/etc you have effectively forfeited your right to life by becoming a threat to society. I am a firm believer in the right to bear arms for personal protection and practice what I preach.

I am well versed in gun safety and grew up in the country where hunting is a common pastime and pretty much every household, including all of my relatives, contained several weapons ranging from pistols to high velocity repeating rifles and shotguns. My father took me on my first recreational shoot with real guns at age 8 and we had BB guns and pellet guns as children to target shoot in the yard.

I am not a member of the NRA but am licensed to carry and have a licensed 9mm semiautomatic for personal protection. The only thing I fear is the unlicensed thug with the stolen/unregistered/serial number filed off weapon. They are the only ones using guns for evil because it is not the gun that is the killer but the man that pulls the trigger.

Had I been in that pharmacist's shoes I would have shot at least twice to immobilize the first perp before running after the other perp. Two reasonably placed shots to the stomach will immobilize if not kill anyone. Internal bleeding is a b*tch when you nick the pancreas and/or spleen. You don't even have to be that accurate of a shot because both organs sit in a reasonably large space in the abdomen and are a b*tch to repair surgically usually resulting in a kill. Wow, I sound like a blood thirsty maniac...I am really only dangerous when provoked and only keep the gun at home.

As for the parents of the perps, I place most of the blame on them. Lack of family values and a gross disregard for what your children are watching, smoking, stealing, having a gun, f*cking, etc. and a lack of respect for life and posessions are your fault! You spread your legs so you could have the welfare check that lets you stay home and be useless to society and not parent your little "thuglet" so he did something stupid and got killed. Boo f*cking hoo! Tell it to Jesus because the rest of us don't care. We are sick of working hard to pay for your housing and the future incarceration of your thuglets. They all deserve to die if they are party to an armed robbery and if they rape children.

That's my story and I am sticking to it! The pharmacist should have all charges dropped and the parents should have all other offspring and their reproductive rights taken by the DCFS.


Anonymous said...

So what happened in Oklahoma?

I agree with your rant. Anyone entering a home or business to steal or harm another has forfeited right to life. Whether shot in the back on the way out or made to kneel and shot in the back of the head.

Grumpy, M.D. said...


Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Two masked teens went into a pharmacy (that is in a bad neighborhood and had been robbed before) with a gun to rob it and the pharmacist shot one of them, chased the other outside until he lost the perp then went back in the pharmacy and shot the first perp four or five more times before the police showed up. The pharmacist is facing murder charges and the other perp and a third that was the getaway driver are being charged with felony armed robbery and second degree murder because they took part in the robbery that resulted in one perp's death.

Anonymous said...

Wow dude. That sure is a lot of words about just when and how you'd kill another human being. I've had a gun in my face and I don't think I could manage 500+ words on that subject so way to go I guess.

Anonymous said...

The pharmacist claims the first perp that he shot in the head was attempting to rise, and that's why the pharmacist shot the first perp 5 more times with a different gun. The pharmacist would be in the clear if that were the case. However, the police charged the pharmacist with murder after reviewing the store surveillance tapes, which leads me to believe the first perp was NOT attempting to get up or moving, and the pharmacist emptied his gun into a prone body. Sorry kiddies, can't do that with legal impunity in this country.
As far as "Whether shot in the back on the way out or made to kneel and shot in the back of the head." goes, congratulations! You are now charged with murder. Enjoy prison.

k2 said...

When I was a kid in Texas we always went to a pharmacy owned and staffed by one man. One day a burglar came in and the pharmacist shot and killed him. Didn't go to jail or anything. Something to be said for being allowed to protect one's livelihood.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the particulars about this case at all. I do know that while in most cases, you could look to the parents as the source of the problem, but not in all cases. We adopted a son from an orphanage in eastern Europe. Turns out they did quite a lot of damage in many ways to our son. For eight years, we've tried attachment therapy, play therapy, talk therapy...he's been in the psych hospital twice....taken Ritalin then AdderallXR (suicidal, in kindergarten!) then Metadate, Straterra, Concerta (overdosed on that one to "behave better", yep, meds are definitely locked up now!) then Abilify (OCD behaviors from that plus $738 per month out of pocket, Remeron, Lithium and Risperdol. Made the school press charges against our 11 year old son for pushing a teacher into a door, he's finishing his year of probation and working off the $100 fine, and the 100 hours of service. I pray I don't see him in shackles ever again but I do know we've done everything we possibly can for him. Sorry, when I see blame the parents, some of us don't deserve that. Maybe blame the original parent who put him into the orphanage because she didn't want to be bothered,maybe.

Natalee said...

Please, however, don't get so trigger happy that you shoot anything that moves. I just lost a dear friend when he was walking home late at night and mistakenly tried to unlock someone else's door. The homeowner shot him through the door, with no warning, and he died instantly. I grew up in hunting country, too, and my family and friends all own (and some carry) guns. I completely support that. But they also don't keep them loaded and ready on their nightstands to play target practice on anything that casts a scary shadow.

If I ever get robbed, in true girl fashion, I'm sure I will hide under the counter and toss the keys to the C-II cabinet to the closest perp. No amount of drugs is worth risking my life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you have to say, but you can't always blame the parent. I'm one of 4 children who was raised by two parents who are still married to each other. They worked hard and taught us right from wrong. Three of us have full time jobs and are productive members of society. My older brother is a drug addict who spends time in and out of prison. That is not our parents fault. The blame is entirely his. Blaming the parents leads to a generation of people who think they don't have to take responsibility for their own actions.

aligirl SrCPHT said...

I live and work in another pharmacy in Oklahoma and I can't tell you how glad I was to hear that this pharmacist had finally defended himself. His pharmacy was in one of the worst parts of that town and he had been robbed before. He finally had the authority to carry a weapon with him while on the job for self defense. Those two teenagers knew what they were doing and had an intent to rob him and even injure him if he refused. He defended himself and the other tech that was there with him. Had he not then they may have been dead themselves. He was on an adrenaline rush and fearing for his life. Had I been there I also would have made sure the perp was dead in order to protect myself. It is an instinct we all have. Our lives before others.

Anonymous said...

self defence is one thing, i totally agree that if you do something like this you are entering into a contract that you will expect a proportionate response, threaten my life, i'll threaten yours.

But as far as I am aware, the pharmacist walked back into the pharmacy, picked up a different gun and emptied it into a defenceless perp, not really self defence there.