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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

How many more strengths of Vyvanse do we need?

Do we really want to know what "Muskrat Love" looks like? Haven't I asked that one before?

How can we have an overpopulation problem with the veritable multitude of oral contraceptives and other options available?

How high will medication copays get before everyone breaks out the torches and pitchforks to storm the insurance companies' buildings?

How many Starburst fruit chews can I eat before my Islets of Langerhans beg for mercy? Hmm, maybe I should hit them with something equivalent to a sugary nuclear apocalypse....a mocha latte and a fudge covered donut with sprinkles...that'll learn 'em...

What is my obsession with that Langerhans guy and his islets? Jeepers...

Is it taunting to sing "If I Only Had a Brain" to my robotic dispensing system?

Do I really need to get a PharmD?

How many mass produced items we sell for $4 or less come from other nations and are made of toxic materials?

Will the eco warrior princess send another nasty email about recycling this week?

If the makers of Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, and Parrot Bay rum put their beverages in mini kegs that would fit the Heineken mini keg tap/refrigerator would anyone ever need pills to make them happy?

Since the state of California is going broke and sending out IOU's for tax refunds and can't pay the Medicaid bills how long before other states face a similar predicament?

How would the character Kenneth the page from 30 Rock be if he was Kenneth the pharmacist?

Why do I laugh every time I hear a Michael Macdonald song and think of the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Paul Rudd's character goes apesh*t over the repeated playing of Michael's concert DVD?

Why did the Xanax/Ambien abuser say that he has a broken leg when he was walking perfectly fine the morning the pharmacy manager made him leave for starting crap again?

Why do pharmacists get stuck dealing with this crap all the damn time?

How many more years before I get more vacation time?

Better yet...How many more years until I can retire???

Is it still illegal to fake my death and use an alternate identity to claim the insurance policy then disappear to some far away remote island to spend my twilight years selling seashell sculptures to tourists?


Mrs. Dreamer said...

Hahaha. I love your life insurance fraud pondering.

In my opinion, it is not taunting to sing "I wish I had a Brain" to the robot, nor is it taunting when it applies to people without a brain.

freedom123 said...

Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam. LOL. I feel your pain on that. Every time that song comes on I cring. UGH!

The little tech that does... said...

I love the 40 Year Old Virgin reference and I have had the same thought myself. Random thought back to you, have all the other Fast Food Pharmacy bloggers jumped ship? *not that I don't like your posts, just curious :)

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

My fellow bloggers have forsaken me...why hast such tragedy befallen me?

Anonymous said...

Copays are generally proportionate to drug cost or demand of Healthcare services...i.e. the greater proportion of insured patients requiring insurance reimbursable healthcare services the greater share of cost for patients (calculated on previous year's utilization). This is the central reason why "Universal Healthcare" is doomed under present Healthcare design and lack of quality. No amount of $$ can fund that broad healthcare without total revamping with mandated outcome goals linked with reimbursements.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I like "pipe dreams" even though I have not indulged in them in many many years. I also like the "munchies" but no longer get to enjoy those either. Damn professional life.