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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Letter To The Lady That Keeps Complaining Via E-Mail About Plastic Packaging

Dear Eco Warrior Princess,

I share your concerns with the impact that big business has on the environment. Your complaints about the larger prescription vials we use are confusing. Apparently you were not enlightened at new cost effective procedures that save jobs and keep your prescriptions from being $500 each and every month that involve robotic filling systems that use larger vials but fill 10,000 more prescriptions than a mere mortal could in a single day. Mayhaps you should ask your insurance company about that sort of thing when they switch over to mandatory mail order service for maintenance med refills later this year and inconvenience you with large vials and plastic bags of their own.

Your concerns about all the plastics we use are also unfounded. Instead of telling you where I think you could put that plastic bag you keep e-mailing us about "How am I supposed to dispose of it because it will just end up in a landfill and damage the environment?" I will tell you how you can dispose of said bag and everything else you think we give you that will destroy the environment.

Instead of mounting your pulpit to push for corporate crucifixion perhaps you should take a closer look at EACH plastic item. There is a little symbol that looks like a triangle made from 3 arrows pointing at each other on each product. On the bottom of the vial it is a thin triangle with a number in it that is raised so you can see it. On the lower left corner of every plastic bag we use there is a bright red triangle of arrows with a number in it. These items are ALL recyclable. Do you recognize the symbol or do you just like annoying the hell out of other people to make yourself feel better?

In addition to upgrading machinery, we at McDruggie's are constantly looking for ways to "pinch pennies" by cutting waste in every department and save our natural resources by using less paper and more recyclable materials. In California we have also started installing solar panels on many stores to become energy independent. I hope this eases your stupidity a little bit. If you want to crusade against corporations perhaps you should e-mail McDonald's corporate offices every day because a study of New York City stated that McDonald's food packages were their greatest source of litter.

Ingenuously yours,

Big N Tasty


Anonymous said...

"Eco Warrier Princess"--

Very funny. So true. It's never a dude, either. It's always a woman who has no friends and lots of free time to make others crazy. Her friends can tell her to kiss off, but her pharmacist has to smile and take it. This she knows.
And she's still not happy.
Tell her about Premarin. Sick her on Wyeth so she'll leave you alone.

chuckr44 said...

Did Ms. Ecowarrior stop to think how much carbon is spewed into the atmosphere, to power the 50 computers it takes to move her email from her home to your store? Hm? I thought not.