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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Idiot week

Apparently this week was Idiot week and I did not get the memo. What a rotten week and I have one more day to go!

Thank you, Dr. Moron, for leaving a voice message for 3 rx's 5 minutes before I closed on Tues. alerting me to the fact that the patient was on their way and may already be there glaring at me and wondering out loud as to "why" their med. wasn't ready.

Thank you, Mr. Guam dude, for yelling at me about your American citizenship. I don't really care and you can stick whatever citizenship you claim to have up your ass! I am not giving you 200 percocet that I feel you changed the quantity on without first checking with your doctor. Too bad-so sad.

Thank you to all the Plan B buyers! Yeah for the no breeders! It really should be free...

Thanks, dipshit methadone customer, for yelling at me in front of all my regular patients that I f%^$ed up the quantity of your prescription when I clearly explained why you are now getting the methadone 10 mg's instead of the 40 mg's. Need a hearing aid with that? Or a brain?

Thank you, Ms. 35 year old, for proving that a small tablet is bigger than your brain. Are you seriously telling me you cannot swallow that little azithromycin tablet? No problems swallowing the 120 vicodin you get a month, eh?

I already have one a-hole and do not need another so get out of my line to all of you cranky bastards who just want to give me a hard time. Yeah, yeah-some of you are sick and I respect that but don't give me shit just to ruin my night.

The list goes on and on...


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