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Saturday, March 17, 2007

They keep calling me!

This is just a simple little bitch about days off and how they can be so easily interrupted. As I may have mentioned before, I work overnights. The way I am conned into doing this is with pure scheduling magic. I work seven nights in a row, then I am (theoretically) off for seven days - a whole week!

I have been a part of this great scheduling scheme for almost four years now. However, I can count on one hand the number of weeks that I have been off work without getting called by the scheduler, or my own store, to cover a shift with little more than an hour's notice.

Today happens to be such a day. Bear in mind that I should be exactly halfway through a wonderful week off today. Unfortunately, I am just getting off work (to cover my counterpart) so I have been up all night. I was looking forward to a small disco nap, followed by a well deserved celebration of St. Patrick's Day - the patron saint of drinking so much that you (or at least you hope it was you) end up shitting your bed sheets.

Case closed? Of course not. I've been home for about 45 minutes. Just long enough to take off my work yukkies and pour myself a stiff glass of chill-the-fuck-out. The phone rings. It's my district supervisor calling everyone she can in a frantic attempt to get overnight coverage for tonight. Being very lazy, and hating my job the way I do, I am extremely tempted to answer with 'no habla ingles'. As much as I hate my job though, I would hate my supervisor's job even more. I felt sorry for her so I helped her put out this small fire by telling her I'd cover it. Besides, I could use the money.

But don't think for a minute that I'm not already having second thoughts about it. If Big N Tasty (a fellow blogger) is foolish enough to call me today, I'm totally conning her into working for me. She needs the money too (and my sheets ain't gonna shit themselves)!


Anonymous said...

What is the market scheduler for if your supervisor calls you?

Mc RPh said...

Market scheduler = built-in layer of extra inconvenience with a dash of torment thrown in for good measure.

vicodinfairy said...

Dude, screen. That's all I have to say. If "Pharmacy X" pops up on caller ID, pretend to be dead.

Anonymous said...

I think vicodinfairy should be allowed to blog with us, if he/she wants to.

Anonymous said...

our market scheduler is a nut job. she is a fascist who never wants to help anyone out unless a supervisor is breathing down her neck. fucking close the pharmacy! i dont give a shit anymore! i work overtime to help you and you wont help me when i have the flu? i hope jehovah smites your ass.

Mc RPh said...

If you work for a company with a market scheduler, you have already been smote by Jehovah my friend.

Beverly said...

Eh.... it's hard saying no when they call. I finally started saying no not too long ago when they'd call me to work extra. At first it feels weird, but let me tell you - it is a rewarding thing to be able to do. Saying no I mean.

Loving the blog, guys!

vicodinfairy said...

Aw, Filet, I'm touched that you'd think of letting me spew poison in your blogosphere. I am a she, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, sometimes I feel bad for our scheduler. I know good and well that if she doesn't fill those holes up, the district manager is going to hang her out to dry. This is not to imply that I'm volunteering to fill those holes. Oh no. In order to reach me you must get through a carefully crafted defense system of caller IDs, voice mail, and failing that, 'I was out of town.'