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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Would You Do??

So with the possibility of losing my job I was tossing around ideas of what would I do if I got fired. There are so many things but I go back to an idea some friends and I had in college but with an added twist. I want to share with you and in turn would like you to share with me. Please leave a comment with your dream job or a job you would do if you got fired.

I would use my unemployment time wisely and attend cooking school for baking and pastry. When finished some friends and I are going to open a multipurpose business. It shall be called Dia Betty's. Dia Betty's will specialize in homemade beers in limited edition that will only be available at our bar until they run out or until we decide to stop making that particular beer and change the recipe. The bar part will be open at 5pm for happy hour until last call at 2:30am. After we toss out the drunks and hose down the bar the magic happens in the other part of our facility.

The other part of our facility is a state of the art bakery. We will have a pastry of the day, a bread of the day, and whatever the hell else we feel like baking. We won't do specialty order cakes or any of that crap. It is a first come, first serve this is what we made today deal. When we sell our last baked item the shop is closed so come early or you aren't getting any carb-loaded goodness. If you sleep in your car after last call you might score some sweet sweet pastry before it sells out.

The beauty of Dia Betty's is that everything we serve is unhealthy, super delicious, and there ain't nobody named Betty working there. The hours will be limited as well as the days of the week we are open because the beauty of owning your own business is that you set the hours and the only standards you have to meet are set by the government and not some douche in a suit that has never worked in a retail pharmacy or have any idea what impact limiting medications and one-on-one time with a drug expert has on a human being's quality of life.



Ardosa said...

aAs soon as I started reading i said open a bakery...

maybe it is a pharmacist thing... as a friend always told me, i could be a pharmacist and bake on the side, as the opposite is usually illegal.

Indira said...

I always wanted to try my hand at stand-up comedy. As a kid I was very socially awkward and kept to the fringe, amassing material by observing my peers. Alternatively, I fancied myself a female, conservative version of Jon Stewart (seems like a contradiction in terms?). However, I come from a long line of really funny pragmatists- my dad is the king of one-liners and a boring accountant- so I find myself in pharmacy school, keeping my jokes on a running sidebar on my laptop.

the golddigger said...

I was laid off from my corporate job six years ago. I spent a lot of time panicking because I didn't have a Plan B. You have a good Plan B.

My story has sort of a happy ending: I met my husband a month after the layoff and we decided that one person working crazy hours was enough, so I stopped looking for a job. Which was maybe dumb, because now my husband wants to maybe run for local office, which would mean he would have to quit his job and take a big pay cut. (Local office here does not pay very much at all.) So now I am back in the job market.

However - I have used my time to write a novel based on my horrible in-laws. There is part of me that thinks that if I hadn't married my husband, whom I love madly, I wouldn't need to write a novel because I wouldn't have the material. But I do love to write and would maybe have found something else to write about. I don't know.

I like your bakery idea. I could happily spend all day baking and eating.

Anonymous said...

mmm cookies
seriously you should do it
also please make carrot cake with that cream cheese frosting

PA Honeybee said...

I love pharmacy-mostly, I just know that with the job market the way it is in my region of CA, that being a tech is not such a safe bet. I have already lost a job that I loved as a Pharmacy Tech instructor, and despite my confidence that I would be anyone's ideal job candidate, I found out I was sadly wrong. The hospitals kept telling me that since I didn't have a year's experience in hospital, they couldn't hire me. I argued that I taught that new hire who did their externship at your facility how to make an IV, how to compound, to use/clean a laminar flow hood, and aseptic technique but that didn't get me anywhere!

I would love to go to cooking school to do pastry too! I think that honestly, I would go (finally) to nursing school, get my degree, put in a little time in a hospital, then go on to become a Nurse Practitioner. I'd do pharmacy school if there was one anywhere near me, but there isn't.

Anonymous said...

My dream job is to find a way to get paid to travel the world and write about my experiences with other cultures. Kind of like a cross between Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern and Samantha Brown all rolled into one, but as I am neither photogenic on a TV level or a writer, I would needc some practice writing and seriuos scrilla to be TV presentable.

Anonymous said...

Ideal job? The distance between that and where I am now is so vast, it depresses me. I will tell you this though...I would rather clean Port-A-Potties for a living than go back to working as a retail RPh!

Anonymous said...

I would build my own pharmacy out of concrete and like in Italy it would only have a small 6"by 12" whole in the concrete for a walk up drop off/pickup window. The customer is only allowed to drop the prescription off - no chit chat, no complaining, no whining, and the wait time, price, doctor contact, etc. would all be under my control legally of course but no BS from the customer. And no insurance!.