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Sunday, March 11, 2012

F*ck You, Hollywood!!!!

It has become a horrifying trend that I go to a theater with great expectations from some creatively edited promo preview that makes me want to watch a movie. So I go to the theater and plunk down a wad of my "I work to satisfy the whims of over privileged douche bags and bow down to the ridiculous demands of my corporate puppet masters" money to buy a ticket then bleed out a kidney to afford a soda and popcorn so I can sit for over 70 minutes to be let down and kicked in the face with your smug "We made this and you suckers paid to watch it" piece of shit movie. The money I spent on the ticket alone would have been put to better use if I wiped my ass with it.

I could have stayed home and watched the television programming that I pay a premium for instead of wasting any money at a theater. You know what's scary, Hollywood? Fighting for your life or your child's life due to cancer, physical therapy after a horrible crippling accident, trying to survive after being severely burned, losing your home because you lost your job, a death of a loved one that literally destroys your outlook on having any shred of happiness ever, growing up not knowing if you will have any food or water for that single day, growing up in a place where things are bombed on a regular basis, the shit I dream about on a daily basis when I am trying to rest, rape, politicians preventing women from having choice or access to birth control, etc.

What I am saying is this: better content, better story lines, better dialog, better cinematography and guaranteed refunds if the movie is a total piece of shit!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

There's always the buck fifty theater across town. You'll feel a lot less violated and some films show up there as soon as 3 months after their "big debut".

C said...

Sing it.

NY_FP_Doc said...

So.. what movie was so bad as to unleash such a post?? I mean, I AGREE with you, and there are so many sucky movies coming out of Hollywood that I rarely go to the movies anymore.

Still, warn us off whichever one you got suckered into seeing..

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

The movie was Silent House which was a poor remake of a Spanish film.