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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Long long ago, in a pharmacy not so far away a girl began her career. The hours were normal but the work load was always slamming. She bitched and moaned about being understaffed, overworked, and people just being plain rude. Other pharmacists worked at different retailers where the working was easy and the hassles were minimal.

Now a change in the business brought about by a corporate divorce has worked to her advantage. The chaos has shifted from this girl to the others. No more complaining, less people being rude, her working is now super easy. The others now have 2 hour wait times and no technician help. Oh the sweet sweet irony of the others now being slammed.

She now laughs at the others when she tips her glass. No more drinking because she is bitter now only drinking for sport. Sweet sweet irony...

1 comment:

BlueTech said...

Sounds like you work for Walgreens. Express Scripts got you some free time on your hands, eh?