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Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome 2012

OK so I am a slacker. Well...WAS a slacker. It is a new year and I must write more. We all should. Big N Tasty-this is practically your blog but we have writers so let's all help her out, OK??

So big news! I no longer work retail. I work for a hospital now doing a fun, creative, new project that is going well. More details to follow but here are some observations:

1. Hospital gowns are not fashionable nor do they cover enough of the nether regions. That is TOO bad bc I like fashion (kidding) and I really am NOT used to seeing so many balls and tits just hanging free. Oh well. In a perfect world...

2. Residents may be hot but not all are smart. OMG did you really just send over an order for multi-vit with fluoride for your 92 year old LVAD patient??

3. Nurses are messy but I like it! Plus they are way fun to socialize with. They have some nasty stories. Why did I ask what "code brown" meant?

4. Hospital food isnt so bad after all. I just so happen to work at a place with a natural food store. Amazing!! Plus so many options at the cafeteria-gluten free, curry a day, fish of the day, a mile long salad bar. No excuses for being a fatty if you work there. OH wait! I forgot to mention the pie case...sigh

5. I work at a teaching institution. Fabulous!!

6. Do NOT leave food out in the open in the breakroom. This is free game for nurses, CNA's, etc. They will gobble it up in no time.

7. Patients are just as demanding in their private room as they are in public. That is OK bc I am no longer ringing up their KY jelly, handheld mirror and a bar of soap (yes-that was a real purchase I rang up years ago) nor listening to their whining about multiple non-pharmacy related BS.

8. I miss my vacation days!! I have to accumulate them now. OMG their goes my 21 days in Spain!! sigh...you must wait you young, handsome Spanish men. I will arrive some day!

9. I still dispense meds just not 350 a day. I spend a lot more time being a pharmacist now. so strange...but SO good.

10. NO MORE THIRD PARTY ISSUES!! yippee!!! pee in my Myla panties!!

Please don't get me wrong-I liked, at times, being a retail pharmacist and they are some of the smartest people I know. I just had a tough time with my retailer cutting things left and right and people's jobs were dropping like flies and I just felt like a zombie after work somedays. This is refreshing change but the lure of more vacation time and sick days pulls at me. I just wish I could do a more hybrid job or win the lottery! LOL

Happy belated New Year to all of our LOVELY readers, especially the methadone crackheads that are still sending me love/HATE letters. You all rule too!




Dan said...

Congrats, FOB! That sounds awesome!

Umm, for those of us not in the biz, could you explain what "...being a real pharmacist" means? The only exposure I've had to you folks is in line at the local pharmacy. I'm curious what you folks do in your native habitat.

Anonymous said...

That is usually how it goes! I do not think I could ever go back to retail, I did it in pharm school and that was enough for me!

I have 5 friends who transfered from retail to hospital and managed care settings over the last 2 years and every single one of them says the same thing, "way more job satisfaction, less stress, and overall happier with their careers"

Anonymous said...

I've been a retail (fast food) pharmacist for 20 years and SO want to move to a hospital setting. I have applied and applied and applied to no avail. Ya want to why hospitals won't hire me? I don't have a PharmD and I also have zero hospital experience (except for my pharmacy school externships). How can I get hospital experience if no one will give a chance?

Alicia said...

The dreaded code brown...

Azanuddin Umaee said...

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