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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything Is Better With Bacon

I wonder if we could get children to take medication with bacon flavor? I know dogs and cats love this selection of flavors. I also have had parents tell me that some of the fruit flavors we use are gross. I know every child I have encountered loves bacon, even if it is turkey bacon. There is just something delicious and magical implicit in the word bacon. Hell, I even have a close up of the crispy bacon bottle as a screen saver because everything, even computers, is better with bacon.


Barack Obama said...

We use FlavoRx at our pharmacy, I never knew they had those flavors! I kinda want some bacon now...

Trigem said...

I was in a pharmacy once waiting for a script to be filled. A parent wanted flavor in her kids meds. The pharmacist offered every normal flavor several times and after they were all turned down suggested liver or some other meat flavor.

The mom finally picked bubble gum and left. She clearly didn't think bacon would be better. I thought it was hilarious. Took her forever.