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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Melts My Cheese

You know what melts my cheese? Patients that bitch and moan about the wait times at the emergency rooms and circumvent that by going to the quickie clinic at the pharmacy to get a prescription. Yet here I am seven days later returning that clinic prescription back to stock because you "were gonna die without it" so I just want to know: Did you die? No? Then why the f*ck did you even bother to go to the clinic?! Why the f*ck did you waste the practitioner's time? Why the f*ck did you waste the pharmacy staffs time? Why the f*ck didn't you take the medication that was going to keep you from "dying"? Why the f*ck didn't you get the prescription because it was covered at a super duper reasonable copay of $10?

It gets better. It wasn't just one patient that I returned a clinic prescription to stock, it was seventeen different patients. Some of them with multiple prescriptions. Only one patient's prescription wasn't covered on insurance. You got to be f*cking kidding me! This is why many people just don't deserve health insurance while the ones who sorely need it and would pick up and take their medications can't afford it. Stupid f*cking American medical sytem! Stupid f*cking ungrateful/irresponsible people! That doesn't just melt my cheese, it smoked the shit out of it!


C said...

I don't blame you.

What moron's.

pharmboyrx said...

I HATE DOING THE DELETES!! There I said it. Seriously, if you drop off a rx, pick it up. If you come back 11 days later and I returned it to inventory, I'm not going to get it out super quick for you. I should be able to charge double...no triple... the dispensing fee since I prepared it, undid it, then prepared it again. the autofill people have a little bit of leeway, but if you walked in and handed me a piece of paper, PICK UP THE DRUG!!!!

Bunch of savages in this town.

Anonymous said...

MORONS. plural of moron. no apostrophe.

Just so you don't go painting this on some sign at some rally somewhere and getcher picture taken and laughed at by like a million people.
just sayin'.

omw to pharmD! said...

mmm smoked cheese....nom nom nom
I can cause I can sucks on you kk? I like to waste your time and burn money from an already shortened system..I don't give a crap kk just keep working and paying your taxes so I can continue to do what I do.