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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Extremely Limited Offer

I was flipping through the sale ads in the Sunday paper and stopped because I thought I was hallucinating. My favorite blood glucose meter is on sale. Yep S-A-L-E! Normally this glucometer is $74.99 but today (1/16/11) through Saturday (1/22/11) Walgreen's has it for a mere $9.99. Yep, you read right, $9.99. That my friends is a recession busting price if I ever saw one.

So if you are a tech savvy diabetic, know a tech savvy diabetic, or are the tech savvy caretaker of a diabetic I urge you to get this machine! For those who didn't read the original post about it the Contour glucometer is a USB device so you not only test your blood sugar but when you plug it in to your computer it uploads all of your readings with date, time, whether it was fasting/after meal/etc. and you can make a graph or chart to better visualize what your blood sugar is doing. It also gives you the option of emailing your results log to your physician or you can print it out for own personal perusal. It is also smaller than a cell phone so it is convenient to take with you.

I highly recommend you call your insurance provider now and see if they will cover the test strips with a doctor's/nurse practitioner's/physician assistant's prescription and buy this machine. I am not diabetic but I am buying one for myself because type 2 diabetes runs in the family and it is nice to check my fasting blood glucose periodically so I know if I am hitting close to diabetic levels or if I am A-ok plus I love anything I can plug into my computer.

**Disclaimer** I do not get ANY kickbacks, payments, etc for pimping this meter. It is just my personal favorite and it is damn cheap for a short period of time so "Get it while it's hot!"


Anonymous said...

Also, the one for the Nintendo DS for all those kiddos out there who are unfortunately diabetic. I have one patient who's son has it and loves the thing!

Jules said...

Off topic but I was witness to the most ridiculous bullshit yesterday in a pharmacy while waiting for an rx to be filled. Old dude seems to think $9 is too much to pay for his meds so he produces a coupon that the tech now has to waste 10 minutes trying to figure out if it can be used (coupon wasn't valid). In the middle of her doing that, some woman walks up to the counter and says "do you sell any containers I can urinate in?" so loud that I overhear her a good 20 ft away in the waiting area. Humans fucking disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Contour USB is on backorder. I had to take the sign down so grumpy customers don't get grumpier.