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Monday, September 13, 2010

Patent Infringement???

Look closely at the upper right side of the picture. Is it just me or does this particular drug delivery design look like the Clorox Toilet Wand? I was filling in at a 24 hour pharmacy and noticed the package when I was getting something else and I just chuckled. I hope it is just being used to treat back acne or maybe it is treating those "freckles" on your arse?

Dear Clorox, maybe someone should look into this? Maybe it is not worth the time. Maybe it is different enough to not infringe on your patent for the Toilet Wand, which does an awesome job of keeping my bowl tidy! Just thought you might want to know. Thanks! Big N Tasty RPH


oddharmonic said...

Why not skip the product and just treat back acne with the original Toilet Wand? I love how they turn the water blue.

Jennifer said...

How big is that package? o.O Never heard of it and omg I hope we never get a script for it.

Canada Pharmacy said...

You are saying exactly true such that the in the picture graphics which is made in the right hand side looks like Clorox toilet wand.