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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Death Is Sad

All deaths are sad. The tragic ones happen through accidents. The ubercoverage of Michael Jackson should not be just a celebration of a musician but a warning as to why prescription drugs are not "safe."

All prescription drugs have to be tested and safe to a certain point before they are allowed to be marketed to people. I have always had issues with douche bags who just give their friends an Ambien or a Vicodin or an Oxycontin and think nothing of it. These medications have the potential to kill.

I have always seen prescription drugs as being more dangerous than a 10 year old with a loaded pistol. Sure kids sometime kill other kids with loaded guns but many many more people die from drug overdose, interactions, severe allergic reactions, and rare side effects than even drunk drivers kill with vehicular homicide.

Don't believe me? Research all the deaths due to recalled drugs, pain killers, benzos, and hypnotics. You will be quite shocked at the alarmingly high numbers. Some of these will be in addition to "street drugs" but most of them are not. Impress upon your patients the "safety" of these drugs is not really safe. Giving a tab to your friend of buying one from a stranger so you can get "high" is a really bad idea.

If you want to get high buy some snacks, stay home and smoke some cannabis. Nobody ever died from that but it sure makes children's programming that much more fascinating and with the economy in the sh*tter you probably can't afford to smoke much anyway, let alone buy snacks.

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