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Monday, July 14, 2008

Open Letter to Seth MacFarlane

I thoroughly enjoy the "Petarded" antics of your Family Guy characters. Some days random comedy does the trick after being frustrated dealing with a bunch of drug-seeking douche bags looking for Oxycontin, Roxicodone, and other fun items to get f*cked up on.

You seem to understand the plight of the lowly pharmacist. I was immediately charmed by the character Mort who does not really fit the new pharmacist module but does totally fit the old stereotype of what a pharmacist used to be.

I was charmed with his violation of patient privacy at Career Day when he told a story of how a boy's father had hemorrhoids so bad he got the cream and applied it with a sock in the car. I was equally charmed when Peter and his band of "hardies" pillaged the pharmacy and destroyed the toys sold there. We actually sell licensed name brand toys now in addition to the traditional busted fare.

My favorite pharmacy moment came from the ipecac incident where Peter, Stewie, Chris, and Brian were having a contest to see who puked last in order to get the final piece of pie. I love those kind of contests because it wallows in the stupidity and self-deprecation that makes humanity destined for failure.

If you need ideas for future skits just ask any pharmacist. We all have crazy stories that would be not-so-wholesome animated fun. You might even want to use McRPH's story of the lady that came in early on Easter Sunday with a Zip-Lock bag of feces in to see if it was abnormal for someone taking antibiotics. I would love to see Mort's reaction to that....

Mad props and I can't wait to see what future seasons hold!

Your tireless fan,

Big N Tasty


The little tech that does... said...

The fact that it has to be specified to unwrap suppositories before use could fuel an episode.

Anonymous said...

There are just so many stories to tell about. There was the actual court case (NY I think) where a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader sued a spermicide company because she got pregnant using their spermicidal jelly. What happened? She was putting the jelly on toast!!! Her defense was that it should have been better labeled because in the heat of the moment you don't take time to read directions. But apparently you can take the time to make toast. ROFLMAO

Jules said...

"On the whole I enjoy my job as a pharmacist. In fact, many of my customers are your mommies and daddies. Jimmy Hopkins? Your mother had awful postpartum depression after you were born. And Danielle? Your father had bad, very bad hemorrhoids that stung him unmerciful! Ugh, they were awful! They were like stinky little balloons. Ugh. And I gave him some special ointment, and he hurt so bad that he had to apply it in the car with his sock. Thank you!"