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Friday, June 10, 2011

I Hate F*#%ing Coupons

I always try to be helpful and tell people with high copays to "Google" the drug and usually there is a coupon/loyalty card/copay discount card/etc to be found on the company sponsored web page advertising whatever crap you just can't live without. So the lady I talked to on the phone dutifully printed out a coupon and sent it with her husband. Of course she printed the coupon for up to 75% off for cash paying customers instead of the one for a copay discount.

Upon hearing the bad news husband proceeds with a tantrum so the tech comes to me and I see that this is for the child of the lady I spoke to on the phone. I explain to man baby what the dealio is and write a note on the coupon to explain what they need to print out. Man baby throws his credit card in the drawer and gets mouthy about how "this crap happens every time I come here." Um yeah, had I not put foot in mouth about the coupons your whiney f&#%ing ass wouldn't have had any way of knowing beyond the insta-print copay what shit could cost.

To the issuers of said f#*%ing discount items: For the love of all things sane put the motherf#$&ing drug name or abbreviation of drug name in the group so when a patient has 5 or 6 of these turds in their profile we can find the right one faster than waiting for the patient to dig through a ton of useless crap they tote around to find the f#$&ing card!!!!

And I'm done...


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Southern Fried Slave said...

Ever used the Effient coupon? No, right? BECAUSE THE GOD D**N THING DOESN'T WORK. Upon submitting it, it tells you that basically nothing on the card is correct. And when you call, the company tells you to bill to ESI and that split billing isn't an option. So, instead of the +$100 copay on the insurance, it takes off a measley $25 bucks off the cash price, despite the card saying its filed under CMK and to be split billed. Companies that produce bogus cards should be shot in the street.....

Sorry, thats been pissing me off for quite a while. Especially when customers give me 5 shades of hell when I tell them it won't work. Bastards.

Parchment, CPhT said...

I love how half the time the customers don't bother telling you they even HAVE a discount card until AFTER you've already told them the price and completed the transaction.

"Uhhmm, was that with my coupon? I think it's supposed to be cheaper than that."

(Then why didn't you mention that when I told you the price, you dumb git?!)

"..........manager to the pharmacy for an exchange please, manager to the pharmacy..."