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Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow Through

I posted a comment for the "Darwin Award of the Month" blog entry that apparently pissed someone off. Filet didn't want to post it but I am going to comment on it because I laughed my ass off when I read it. For those of you who didn't read the post it was about a pharmacist who failed rehab and was busted passing fake rxs for narcotics for personal use. My comment was as follows:

See...rehab doesn't work 99.9% of the time. I just call junkies Lindsays...as in Lindsay Lohan...and damn that douche bag to hell (if there is one) for besmirching the title of pharmacist. I hope someone in prison shanks him!

So someone using the title Peacemaker had this to say:

Big & Tasty...What a lame screen name...You would be popular in the prison system. You are full of yourself, intellectually stunted at best, and write things that at least should get YOU shanked for stupidity, and at best are not even the least bit humorous. I would say that before you start quoting %'s about drug rehab, you should reread your code of ethics as a pharmacist. Assuming you are one, I am guessing that you probably sell weed out in the WalMart parking lot, and therefore consider yourself a pharmacist. I would begin a battle of whits with your dumb ass, but as the saying goes, it would be unair as you are clearly unarmed.

My response:

1. Big & Tasty is a fun name for a blog called FAST FOOD Pharmacy because it is an item off the McDonald's fast food menu. You also probably didn't read our blog mission statement.

2. I would be extremely popular in the prison system because I have double D's and can do some fun tricks with my tongue.

3. I have found different rehab centers have different statistics for failure. Once an addict, always an addict. Rehabs just train you to exchange your "bad" addiction for a "socially acceptable" addiction such as methadone, benzodiazepines, cigarettes, alcohol, macrame, suboxone, etc.

4. I follow the Pharmacist's code only when I wear the white coat and fight the good fight at the Pharmacy. When I am in my civilian life I can say and do whatever I want. When I blog I still leave out names and places for patient privacy but like to vent about the situations and people I deal with on a regular basis rather than "Go Postal" and pop some caps in some asses.

5. I think junkies are the shit of the earth falling somewhere below welfare scammers and somewhere above child molesters.

6. I have a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science and have passed all examinations necessary for licensure in two states. I am a legitimate pharmacist, not a hustler.

7. I do not expect people to like me or find my thoughts humorous. I expect people to take what I say with whatever gravitas they want it to have. I am neither savior nor comedian, only one voice amongst thousands of bloggers. I like to read all commentary, especially if it is critical or asinine.

8. I feel the battle of wits would be more humorous for me as I rarely take people seriously when they lash out with hostility. I do wonder if you are Mr. Maister from the article or maybe a close associate of his? It would explain the hostility or maybe you just wanted to audition to be the "Jenny tail" for my human centipede?

To quote a really crappy movie for all who like to comment "Bring it on!"


Anonymous said...

b and t- good post. this guy in your face is a dangerous creep. but even though we cannot enable and supply the junkies, we can be human and see that they already live in hell.

Piya said...

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C said...

What is that saying-the people that complain the most...anyway.

Anonymous said...

ooof. Double D's, huh? I love boobies!

Fries With That, tech said...


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(but seriously, all the drugs in the world and you want to sell me Boniva? I checked out the website, and they also sell Orthovisc. I totally want to shoot up into my knees in the safety of my own home, rather than let that silly doctor do it for me.)

Anonymous said...

It used to mean that a junkie was a user, and an addicted user, at that.

Not sure I'd want to go into all the skills and talents on display here :) but I am wondering at the pathos or ethos or empathy, whether or not there is displaced disdain for the procurement specialists, suppliers, or addicted users specifically.

Because, as my fellow human, my heart goes out to addicts. As a pharmacist in a small hospital, we occasionally dilute up morphine and other alternatives to illicit drug use for neonates born of addicted mothers. Physiologically, the little twitching one had no choice in the matter, and ultimately, if the drug caused congenital birth defects, the little twitching one doesn't have future choices in the matter of addiction.

I cannot hate or think of anything but pity for those whose brains don't allow peace from the effects of satiated up- and down-regulation of neurological receptors, from external or internal neurotransmitters.

Maybe it makes it easier to think about, simply hating a drug addict. In terms of incarceration, the dependent is already in a prison (of their own machination, perhaps), but it's not easy for me to simply hate prisoners, or those that attempt suicide, or those that indulge in self-destructive behaviors either.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart FAST FOOD, you should be thankful for what you have instead of having hate for people you dont know. I myself am a recovering PharmD (simple math tells you PharmD > BS degree). I not only made poor decisions during school, I continued to make them after graduation. Needless to say I killed off plenty of brain cells resulting in 2 different trips to rehab before I had a chance to get licensed. Three years after I graduated I got my life right and licensed. I would not change my past one bit. The journey brought me closer to God, family, and friends. I have been very successful with my career and continue to climb the ladder and gain more and more respect from my peers. AND no very few of the people I work with or work for me know my past, they know me as Jack, the hard worker and leader they can always count on. For your sake I hope no one you truely care about ends up having a problem, bc your attitude would be dreadfully harmful to their recovery. Your a Pharmacist, although just a BS RPH, so you have to fairly intelligent, but on this topic matter your completely ignorant.

Closing Fact: About 15% of Pharmacists have been through rehab, which is the same with other medical profession, except nurses which is about 20%. So there is a VERY good chance you are working with at least 1. You would be amazed at who you find in the rooms of NA and/or AA. It honestly shocked and scared me of whom I knew and worked with including VERY well know and respected MDs and Pharmacists, so I can understand your initial ignorance to this topic.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I like this blog, but the comments about people with substance dependence (AKA addiction) here are really in poor taste. Addiction is a neurological hijacking of the brain and unless you have experienced it first-hand you really don't know much about it.

Your comments remind me of the dumb comments people sometimes make about gay people.

I wish you the best nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

The comments you made on addiction remind me of all the pharmacists that have this deep seated fear of becoming one of the addicts they see come into their pharmacy. I've worked with plenty that have had that fear.

You clearly know little of addiction and what it does to a person. I've watched people die around me because of it. It's a psychological disorder, much like those you treat with all of the anti-depressants you fill every single day. Yes, you never stop becoming an addict, but you don't know the person or what they've been through. So take a step back and get off your high horse and realize that a lot of people around you might be hiding their addictions quite well.

And remember, we're all guilty of something. We can lie to ourselves all we want. Go ahead and lie if that's what you'd like to do. But honestly, I'd hate to work with you with the attitude you have.