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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You mean they actually WATCH those camaras? (Darwin Award of the Month) Oh yeah, also Mother Of The Year

NEW PORT RICHEY — Jill Borrero slipped the pills in her pocket, behind the counter of the Kmart pharmacy where she worked, thinking no one was looking, authorities said.

But the newly installed security camera caught her on tape.

Kmart's loss prevention district manager alerted New Port Richey police, who arrested Borrero on Wednesday afternoon on a charge of grand theft. She was released on $2,000 bail.

Borrero, a 50-year-old pharmacy technician, is accused of stealing hundreds of prescription pills over the past two months — a pocketful at a time.

"I didn't feel I was taking enough to cause anybody any grief," Borrero told Bay News 9, the St. Petersburg Times' coverage partner. "It was just a few."

But it added up. Over the past few months, police said, Borrero pocketed:

• 1,451 pills of 2-milligram Xanax.

• 149 pills of 1-milligram Xanax.

• 132 pills of 2.5-milligram hydrocodone.

• 20 pills of 1-milligram Lorazepam.

Altogether the pills are worth $999.58, New Port Richey police said.

Borrero, of 4424 Rudder Way, told police she took the pills for her sons.

"The two sons appear to have a substance abuse problem," said Lt. Steven Kostas. He added, "I'm sure there might have been a little drug sales going on on the side."

Borrero gave a different explanation to Bay News 9:

"The Xanax I took as a stress thing," she said. "The Vicodin I took because my son has very bad teeth, and he's always got a toothache, so I was just trying to help him out."

The manager at the Kmart at 5725 U.S. 19 referred media inquiries to the company's corporate spokeswoman, who declined to comment other than to say the store is fully cooperating with the police investigation.

It's unclear how long Borrero had worked at the store. But Kostas said the security camera was just installed in the pharmacy on Sunday.

He said it caught footage of Borrero pocketing a handful of pills Monday — and a whole bottle Tuesday.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Gee, I used to just think Land O' Lakes was a dairy.

Rachael said...

uh yeah. for her 2 sons to SELL, maybe.

DenaliDriveThruPharmD said...

I want to know, in the year 2010, how could a corporation like K-Mart NOT have security camaras in the pharmacy area until last week?

C said...

That is awesome! Glad they caught her. No one should have access to those medications like that or everyone should....but that's another topic.

Anonymous said...

Trust me I work for a large supermarket chain in PA. Until we started missing a hundred dollars here and there every few days. There were no cameras. Only at the front of the store area and at the registers up front only

Phathead said...

My wife worked for Kmart for three years until recently... you have no idea how backwards and cheap that company is.

For example, for about a year they refused to supply any cleaner for the shelves.

It's quite strange.

McFury CPhT said...

Probably because it is Kmart and they spent all the camera budget on Martha's products? That and they have every drug on the $4.00 list plus a ton more to lose money for the store.

I'm sure now that they caught the rat, they'll move the camera to another store.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as a past Kmart employee, they suck! There was a CVS pharmacist a few years back that stole thousands of dollars worth of various amphetamines! I always wondered how she clocked 100 hour pay periods!

Techzilla said...

We had a tech stealing the same combo of meds in her bra. Totalled about $1800 of theft. They caught her on camera, arrested her on a 200 dollar shoplifting charge and she spent 4 hours in jail.Weak as hell. Looks like if you tell the cops you aren't trafficing, just taking them yourself, you get off easy.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I f*cking hate thieves, even worse drug addict/narc selling thieves! Why do people always think theft is a victimless crime? Stick it to the man...blah blah blah... I think we should tattoo a big fat T on the forehead of people who are thieves so all retailers know to watch them from the time they walk in the door until the time they pay and leave. If they don't pay even after the telltale T tattoo on the forehead retailers should be able to shoot to kill. This will put a swift end to all theft in the nation!!!! Let's teach them a harsh lesson!!! ***It will also save billions of dollars in prison housing and wellfare dollars because dead douche bags can' breed.

NaOH said...

Dumb people deserve what they get.