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Monday, October 13, 2008

Off Topic: Do Not Use Travelocity For A Trip

I have had a terrible, terrible time with Travelocity and changing reservations. You will get f*cked really good because in order to change anything on your reservation after you have booked they will charge the FULL PRICE you paid again for the change. If you cancel the reservation they will also charge you double for a cancellation fee. What douche bags! The only customer service you get from them is rape.

Oh yes, their advertising makes it sound like you are getting a good deal and getting first class service, when in fact they are just greedy bastards taking your money and then fisting you for more later if something happens to need changing.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about your bad experience.

Thanks for the warning that online self-service is not all it's cracked up to be--I'd been leery of internet money ever since my bankcard was ripped off and I was paying for things I'd never heard of. (Up to that point, I'd purchased a lot of textbooks and out-of-date books, but when I realized that I had no idea of why several people were using my bank numbers, I realized I was as vulnerable as the next time I ordered something online.) On the other hand, I had friends that arranged overseas travel on short notice, so if I was desperate I might not use a travel agent--in town they're not alway open when I might possibly need to do business.

Anonymous said...

Add Priceline to that list. I hopped on Priceline one time just to check out the price of an airline ticket. They wanted my credit card number before they would tell me how much I'd pay/save on an airline ticket. No thank you.

I also want to add that hotels themselves get a smaller chunk than what you actually pay the internet site (be it Expedia or Travelocity or Priceline). The hotel itself will see a small percentage of the amount you pay for a room. In some cases, this can be as little as 25% to 30%. The site pockets the rest. Some hotels instruct staff members to not give out receipts so the guest (hotel term for customer) won't figure out what is going on.

Deal with the hotel directly. Many hotels are more open to cancellations/changes in schedule, and the money will go to the right people. Oh, that's another thing... you HAVE to call up the internet company to cancel. The hotel won't let you do it directly.

The hotels' reasoning for being stiffed on the bill is that the sites bring in business. Well, I'd rather have one person stay and pay the HOTEL 100% of the bill than have 4 people stay and pay the hotel 25% of the bill. That's 3 extra rooms you have to pay the housekeeping staff to clean.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

If the websites manned by a handful of people are making all the money that means many people who had jobs at hotels will lose jobs when the hotel can't make payroll anymore...