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Friday, August 29, 2008

Children Can Be So Cute

It's Saturday night and my technician and I are finishing up our current workload. A couple of adorable little boys peek their heads in the pharmacy. We ever so proudly told them we have a robot. They looked, shook their heads in disbelief, and said "That's not a robot."

Oh the insult. It's no Transformer but inside that ugly cabinet is a robot who's arms do all the work to fill prescriptions. It's not cute like an AIBO or robot puppy but it does make my job a lot easier. It is the "fill technician" when I am by myself and very busy.

It is amusing to see the disbelief of a child because the word "robot" evokes the cartoon images of Voltron, Transformers, Zords, and whatever crazy robot cartoon creations populate children's TV. As they get older they will understand the "robot" can cover many different creations like my Parata prescription filling machine.

Children are cute sometimes.


The Ole' Apothecary said...

"Automation" by Allan Sherman (famous 1960s song parodist)

sung to the tune of "Fascination"

(Alan Sherman)
It was automation, I know
That was what was making the factory go
It was IBM
It was Univac
It was all those gears going
Clickity clack, dear
I thought automation was keen
Till you were replaced by a ten-ton machine
It was a computer that tore us apart, dear
Automation broke my heart.
There's an RCA 5-0-3
Standing next to me, dear, where you used to be
Doesn't have your smile
Doesn't have your shape,
Just a bunch of punch cards and
[ Find more Lyrics at www.mp3lyrics.org/mMS ]
light bulbs and tape, dear
You're a girl who's soft, warm and sweet
But you're only human and that's obsolete
Though I'm very fond of that
new 5-0-3, dear Automation's
not for
It was automation, I'm told
That s why I got fired and
I'm out in
the cold How could I have known When the 5-0-3
Started in to blink it was winking at me, dear
I thought it was just some mishap
When it sidled over and sat on my lap
But when it said "l love you "
and gave me a hug, dear
That's when I pulled out. . . its plug.
Copyright 1963 Curtain Call Productions

Anonymous said...

lol, very right

The Traveling Pharmacist said...

Don't be ridiculous, children aren't cute.

Brett said...

We just got a Parata prescription filling machine. I've told my 5 year old I work with a robot, but she hasn't seen it yet. I can imagine the disappointed look on her face when she's in the store next and sees it. Maybe I could change the default beep to yell "Danger, danger" or something, but I suppose she wouldn't get that anyway...